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No fisherman casts their bait, catches a fish, and leaves it in the same water they found it. 

Unfortunately, this exactly what happens when listeners come across you music on other streaming platforms. The problem is that once you hook the fish with your music they are left in the pond filled with filth.

Doesn’t it make sense to lead them to living water? 

Join Repent FM and help those whom the Father has called protect their hearts and minds they embark and continue on their journey back to HIM! 

We are held to a different standard! Simply put, because we delight in the law and have fully committed to our purpose in The Most High, we don’t have complicated equations to calculate your revenue share. 

We know that producing music is both labor and capital intensive. That’s why we’ve developed a straightforward approach to reporting streams and revenue, so you never have to guess. 

Our model is simple, we pay copyright holders their portion of the total net revenue generated. No funny business or unLawful practices.  


Transparent Reporting & Higher Royalties

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Help us help you spread the Word across the world though music. 

We are the Salt of the World right? Our people are responsible for the vibes which give us an advantage, much in every way. Therefore, help Repent FM aggregate, cultivate, and concentrate the Voice of Abba Yah.

Join the movement, spread the word, and help your listeners live set apart lives like we were instructed. 

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Repent FM is my go to for finding truth music, period
Elijah Johnson
Good music I can actually not feel spiritually defensive nor guilty about.
Saints with a gift has a s.w.a.g that is global.....#prodigal
Pastel Payton jr


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